Scammers take advantage of Oslo with virus [ July 25th, 2011 ] Posted in » Virus

To show that some people have no regard for human life, shortly after the Oslo bombing a scam appeared which purported itself as a security camera showing the blast.   They are also tricking users into sharing it with their friends.

Here is some more information by the Sophos bloggers:

Vista Synchronization Errors

Initial Steps Taken
Like many people troubleshooting this problem, I initially thought it was due to opportunistic locking on the SBS 2003 server.  I ensured opportunistic locking was turned on for the SBS 2003 server (using, rebooted the server, and the problem continued.  (For server configuration, you may also want to take a look at

Problem Compounds
Eventually another laptop was purchased for a new employee and we tried the same process with this computer.  Same problem.  I assumed it was then probably a problem with the server. However, I then used my own laptop and did the same process, only now the files synchronized! Read More …

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