Windows 7 BETA: Disk usage

So far I am happy with disk usage.

I have a 20GB partition on my C: drive.

  • The windows directory currently is using almost 8GB of space.
  • I had to turn off hibernation to recover 2.5GB of space (Run CMD as administrator, then type “powercfg -H off”)
  • The computer automatically configures the pagefile at over 3GB since I have 3GB of RAM.  I can tune that down if I need to reclaim more space.
  • When I installed iTunes I accidentally moved my music (~4GB) back into my profile.  I moved this back to another partition.
  • I moved my outlook OST file (was 4GB on my Vista machine) to another partition as well.

Currently have more than 8GB free.  Let’s see how that holds up.


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Tags: January 10th, 2009 Posted in Windows 7

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