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Google’s new browser, Chrome, has a number of vulnerabilities that have been found in the first week (;jsessionid=5MHY03QKS4R1EQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN).  While it is listed as Beta, to me Google’s Beta term doesn’t mean as much as any other company that uses it. 

Google has software that is in Beta perpetually.  How many people use Gmail?  How long has it been available for use?  Gmail has been out since 2004, and available to the general public for over 18 months.  Google Docs has been available for 2 years.  Google Video was launched in 2005.

What other software company does this?  I’ve never taken Google seriously.  They come off with an ego the size of Steve Jobs, but lack any kind of focus to finish their products well.

Other than their search, I find their lack of graphic design capabilities to be laughable.  Yes, minimalist design can work for search, but it does not work for chat, browsers, RSS readers, document editors, email programs, etc.  Google is working off of its name for now, but like Microsoft it needs to create better products in a much shorter cycle.  If I can use a program with the same or better functionality, and it is pleasing to the eye, of course I’m going to use it over the Google version.


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September 6th, 2008 Posted in Technology

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