Scammers take advantage of Oslo with virus [ July 25th, 2011 ] Posted in » Virus

To show that some people have no regard for human life, shortly after the Oslo bombing a scam appeared which purported itself as a security camera showing the blast.   They are also tricking users into sharing it with their friends.

Here is some more information by the Sophos bloggers:

Spoolsv.exe with 100% CPU Usage

We had an issue recently where there was a cpu lock on spoolsv.exe.  At first I figured it was related to some new drivers being installed (Trying to get an All in One printer to work in terminal services). 

The ultimate fix was to delete some temporary spool files that had not automatically been deleted.  These are found at


Thanks to for the information

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VMWare Server with Broadcom NICs

Last week we were attempting to install a brand new SBS 2003 server for a new client, then have a terminal server running in a VMWare environment with Windows 2008.  We only had the onboard Broadcom NICs.  I’ve had so many problems with both VMWare and Virtual Server when using these NICs, so we typically configure an additional Intel NIC when we know we are going to virtualize, but there was a mistake in the order. 

Once we had the virtual server up and running, we found that we had a problem where it could not get to the Internet.  At first it seemed related to some frustrating firewall issue, it was showing that it was on the Domain Profile, but was local only.  We even went as far as installing Windows 2003 instead, but no luck.  I did every possible VMWare configuration option with regards to the network, and nothing worked at all. 

Since we’ve had trouble with the Broadcom cards before, I was skeptical about them from the beginning.  Sure enough, I found other people with similar problems.

In the properties of the adapter, the following need to be turned off:

Checksum Offload

Large Send Offload


Also, I did not need to do the following to fix the problem, but I did turn off Automatic choosing of available physical network adapter and forced VMnet0 to the adapter of my choosing.

I found the information here:

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